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Published: June 20, 2021

HN Sarpei Foundation visits and donates to Becky's Orphanage Home

Becky’s Home is an orphanage situated in the Central Region of Ghana, precisely Senya Bereku.

The Orphanage serves as a home for more than 50 children from the various regions of Ghana for various reasons.

It employs local community members to help care for the children and look after them on a day-to-day basis.

On June 19, 2021, the HN Sarpei Foundation, led by the founder, Hans Nunoo Sarpei visited the home to spend some time with the kids as well as donate some food items to assist their daily up keeping in the home.

As we set out on our visit to the home, the team was full of passion and enthusiasm for doing something good for the kids.

The Home's caregivers greeted us warmly and toured us around the entire property.

All of the children and workers were ecstatic to see us.

We spent time with them and gave them encouraging speeches.

Our hearts swelled with pride and satisfaction as we saw their joy in listening to the speech given by the founder of the HN Sarpei Foundation as well as other volunteers.

Speaking to the home, Hans Sarpei touched on many motivating points when addressing the home.

He explained that growing up in our part of the world could be very difficult especially coming from a deprived area as he did.

Brother Hans as affectionately called by the kids at the home told them to always have a reason in whatever they tend to do with their lives as this reason would serve as a huge motivating factor to fuel their energy to drive for success.

Shortly after his talk, his wonderful mum also entreated each and everyone present at the function to never look down upon him or herself as a failure as there are big things install for everyone if we allow God to take control of our lives as well as work hard and persevere.

Other members of the team also took turns to motivate the home and also say a very big thank to the caretakers of the home for dedicating their life to ensuring that these young ones have a life and don’t end up being a menace to society.

Saying bye to the home, Hans thanked the staff of the home and the children and told them that, “We hope that we as a community can help one another grow and create meaningful lives for each one of us. One can agree with the fact that this trip was an eye-opener for all of us, as we don’t often see or deal with the harsh realities of life."

This was a great visit for us the HN Sarpei Foundation, and we hope in the future we get to go for more such visits.

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