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Published: July 30, 2021

HN Sarpei Foundation donates mechanized borehole to Becky’s Orphanage

The Hans Nunoo (HN) Sarpei foundation has once again donated to the Becky’s Orphanage Home in Senya-Bereku.

The Greuther Furth midfielder and the management of HN Sarpei Foundation donated to the Orphanage Home in June when the player was in Ghana for his summer holidays.

Hans Sarpei got to realize that one of the major needs of this Home was water, so he promised the caretakers of the home to assist with the water problem and that promise has been fulfilled.

This mechanized borehole is to help solve the water problem confronting the Home, because it had to purchase water every week from the neighboring town.

The water was dug about 100 meters (382 feet) deep from the ground and its connection to a tank which has filters with other connected pips to the main storage where the occupants of the home can use as drinking water, for cooking and other domestic activities.

The Foundation was launched in June 2021 with its main goal to help people in deprived communities in Ghana through education and sports.

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